cultural conditioning

Some talkers here have been conditioned by our feminist culture to regard masculinity as something shameful.

Someone like @Baby Panay. He doesn’t know it yet, but most of the rubbish he posts here is feminist baloney.

He believes its wrong for older men to date younger women. He calls it “grooming.”

He belives it’s “moral” for a man to commit to one wife.

It’s such WOKE rubbish that’s killing the masculine spirit. A full-grown man logging into ktalk to shame men into dating women their own age. It doesn’t take a genius to know that younger women are prettier and more fertile than their older competition. Older women are entitled, smelly, and disgusting. Not to mention they’ve been around the block. No man wants to commit to a girl who’s been passed around.

Instead of trying to infect ktalk with his rubbish, @Baby Panay should channel his energy into saving his sisters, who’re all seasoned Sabina Joy kungurus.

unaskia wewe mbwa koko rickety @Nameberry1 , hauna akili kabisa! wewe ni kumbaf jinga kabisa

:D:D:D…kwani hii @Nameberry1 ilikufanyia nini banae?

uyu mimi postwall ni trigger factor mbaya sana