Cult of Owuor : My experience

I found myself in one of the altars/branches by virtue of proximity. I was living near it. In that altar wearing the cult regalia bcz there were Somalis and Hindus etc. In fact the assistant pastor was a Hindu woman and the pastor was a Kenyan or black.

Things started to feel shaky when the pastor started controlling the prayers. We had to pray written prayers. We had to actually cram a certain type of prayer.

A certain man in the church had his wife stolen by another man. I was really taken aback when we were supposed to celebrate the death of the man. He was being operated and did not make it out. First of all she tried to hook me up with her bro and I was like I didn’t go to her church to look for a husband.

I was also following Owuor programs but not religiously. Until I watched his sermon one day and realized that he was calling himself the two mightiest prophets as in he was two in one. What followed was a monologue that I was unable to understand. Next thing the pastoress told us that we must be baptised. I told her that I was already baptised. She said everyone must be baptised afresh. Which is also a way of inititiating people into cults. It was during Magu family tragedy and I was like enough. I’m outta.

The thing with me is that I don’t want someone controlling my life. So the fastest way to make me leave is to start trying to change me. Long story short, I left and never looked back. Only that I am not very keen on telling this story.

I am generally suspicious of anyone trying to show me vile amekaribia Mungu kuniliko. I am of the strong belief we are all created equal.

kapodi, ati kulikuwa na woriya kwa church ya owuor? :D:D

Do you also know some churches zilikuwa na pastors Chinese and used to ferry waamini na Kenya bus?

Idk kama ilikuwa minamin or something like that.

The gospel of Jesus is powerful. There are moslems and Hindus and Sikhs who convert to Christianity. They can’t wear Owuor uniforms so at least the mama did not force us to wear those kabutis. We dressed normally. One day I wore big earrings nilikemewa keme keme.

They even have a school


na wewe huwa umejaribu.

The meaning is a duality of purpose, one that’s shrouded in ritual, long clothes and exaggerated modesty, so it may not be understood. You stumbled upon it, so you had to leave:D

Its like he was talking to himself like two prophets having a conversation. I have never watched him since. I now know that you can be bewitched and brainwashed by watching cult leaders on tv

Angalia za Mackenzie niliona wanaume wahindi Sijui sahii wako wapi. Watu wa natafuta Mungu aisee.