CUE withdraws letter revoking his degree

CUE and Chacha are jokers, why start something and not finish

Reprieve for Sakaja as CUE withdraws letter revoking his degree (

The Commission for University Education has withdrawn a letter that had revoked Nairobi governor candidate Johnson Sakaja’s degree, which he claims he acquired from Team University in Uganda.

In a letter, CUE chairman Chacha Nyaigotti Chacha said the commission will give further directions once the investigations are concluded.

“That the respondent wishes to confirm to the honourable court that the substratum of this suit being the letter dated June 14, 2022, for which review is sought is hereby withdrawn pending further investigations by the respondent,” he said.

Chacha previously said despite Team University in Uganda being a recognized university, the number of complaints received called for further probe.

Sakaja was expected to avail himself to the Commission’s offices on Monday at 10:00 am but he snubbed, claiming CUE did not give him an official invitation.

Our vintage system for you right there! Confusingly confused as shit!

We got it wrong right from the start in 2013 when we allowed indicted suspects to run for highest office alafu allowed akina 001 who have never seen the inside of a high school let alone university to run for governor.
Sasa we can enjoy our bed,we made it already!

Sakaja showed CUE the middle finger then they withdraw the letter…interesting. MPESA message imeingia mahali.

True. All current aspirants have to do is point to this fact and say it set a precedence.

Venye UDA walianza story za degree ya Raila deepstate wakaona kinaweza umana wakaachana na sakaja


Kenyan politics are tribal,it was just to downsize possible votes.