Why do women never get the cue to leave the next morning? I have always had issues with this and I avoid being really blunt and kicking them out.
I think coach red pill needs to address this on his next podcast, is it that they have nothing better to do the day after ama they love the feeling of being domesticated?

That is why I prefer going to women’s houses so that after you’re done with sex you can quickly fake an emergency and leave at your own convenience

Kutoka Ile siku ulinyimwa nyau Na Lanye Na ikalala Kwa bedroom while wewe Kwa kiti… Wewe ni meffi

unapenda kuekwa

It’s natural wiring. A sleep over who you get intimate with who isn’t selling, will almost certainly develop that feeling of association, hence no hurry to leave. While the guy suffers PNC.

Dem akiona mtu stable anakua wife material immediately na hataki kujitoa

Young bull…I have fucked more chics than the years you have been alive on this wretched earth so heshima kidogo please

Kiiipiiiiii, Mimi nakatia napewa nyau Safi bila harufu. Mimi si kama wewe kununua nyau. Heshima idumu

Well I do have a relatively nice house and car but I never give off the vybe I need a wife so why push their luck

Is this an online dick measuring contest to see whose piss goes furthest?If so umeshinda basis…now FOCUS

Usiwai toa jacket kwa nyumba haulipi rent!

depends on the calibre of woman you’re dating…never had that problem…damsels in distress types I agree never go to their houses

Truer words

Watu wa hotel/lodging tukae pande gani? Tutoke, karibu mashuka zikujiwe! Au niko na safari ya mbali, shika hii fare utatoka baadaye!

Beta male

I pity you if you believe in this alpha,beta or omega male shit.A true man’s job is to provide,protect and own…period

Wewe Lea Malaya Na watoto wao khaseer

eat a bag of dicks nigga

Nigga firwa mkundu Na @Jimit kiipii


No problem O kiiipiiiiii