Cuban Taxi drivers make more in a day(around 60$) than Cuban doctors do in a month(40$)..

Remind me how much are we paying Cuban doctors?

So Cuba pays its doctors a meagre kes 4,000 per month? The amount of garbage fake news peddled on the internet just for clicks these days is just too much.

Kwani huko cost of leaving iko chini aje? Do they even have smart phones?

I have a number of cuban friends who are nurses na wengi wako Miami wakinukisha kitungu huko.

Don’t take everything on face value. The economy there is not like what you’re used to.
That government salary will afford you enough provisions (controlled) to survive.
If you chose to go the taxi driver route, you lose access to government provisions and now have to buy in the black market.

At the end of the month, a cab driver and doctor both eat, have shelter and clothing… and are probably similarly broke.