Cuba accepts Russian payment system

[SIZE=7]Cuba accepts Russian payment system[/SIZE]
ATMs in Havana allow cash withdrawals in pesos using MIR cards issued in Russia
© Getty Images/Holger Leue
Cuban banks have started accepting MIR cards, Russia’s alternative to Visa and Mastercard, the payment system announced on Tuesday.
Several banks in Havana have installed ATMs displaying the logo of the MIR system, and offering the option to withdraw cash using Russian bank cards in Cuban pesos.
“The MIR payment system continues to work on expanding the acceptance of the cards in friendly countries including Cuba,” the network’s press service noted, adding that it is now focused on enabling transactions using MIR cars in Cuban shops, restaurants and other retail outlets.

What options are available in Kenya other than Visa and MasterCard?

China’s Unionpay is available locally
Fun fact :unionpay is bigger than mastercard and visa combined by volume…

Hawala is also available worldwide

‘wacha nikiget kakitu next week nitakujenga’ is locally accepted as form of payment