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The Case of Olympic Primary School ( By a parent)
Olympic Primary school is a public school with the highest pupil enrolment in the entire nation. It has more than 4000 pupils with each class (1-8) having at least 6 streams of about 90 pupils.
It has a total of 37 TSC teachers with few employed by the school board. I happen to have been a member of two school committees I.e. one as a parents representative in charge of school books and in the other committee as the chair of school feeding programs.
The school has been known for high performance since 90s when it emerged top in exams repeatedly until the introduction on free primary education which saw the number increase to thousands of pupils.
Since then it has never been number one nationally but has remained one of the most performing public school in Nairobi. The pupils in this school are majority Luos, Kisii, Luhyia and Kambas with few other communities. This is a population that majorly makes the greater Kibera slums. The boundary between the slum community and Olympic estate where the school is located is the greater Kenya – Uganda railway line. It is also a gazated IEBC polling centre with the highest registered voters compared to other stations. In total it has over 30 polling stations.
Because of its location it was too hostile to conduct repeat election here on the 26th October 2017. The community was so hostile that they even carried away school food stuff just to show their hunger. This looked stupid though.
Last year the school registered slightly over 400 pupils for exams. About 11 of them managed over 400 marks with slightly over 200 getting over 300 marks. Olympic’s best subject has been mathematics all the years.
This year it enrolled 530 pupils for KCPE. This time there was alot of focus on the school and it’s preparion for exams was threatened by election violence. Matiangi in particular made an attempt to visit the school just before the exams started but he was chased away by the hostile youths. Seemingly he was not amused! The release of results this year in record of 19 days was never a big issue per se but a surprise to the school community. When the results were released on 19th November, all the pupils at Olympic primary scored at most 51% in maths.
The pupil with the highest total marks scored 390 marks and majority were below 300 marks! The parents, school administration and the community were surprised and annoyed and they refused to accept the results. A protest letter was written to MoE and Examination council . They promised to look into it and come back within 3 days.
Today as I write this note, they have come back with new results. 15 pupils scored over 400 marks with the highest having 427 marks, over 300 pupils scored more than 300 marks and a number of pupils scored A in mathematics!
My question then, what happened for the results?
Was it a political witch-hunting and why vent the anger on pupils? Had new marking machines turned to behave like KIEMS kits for Olympic school? What about other schools in other regions which were never suspicious?
I feel offended as a parent when someone has started killing the future of very innocent children under my nose in name of punish a particular community!

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Mundu si ata wewe unajua hii ni upusu


Choices have consequences though


If they really came back with different results after a complain that the first one was wrong then a thorough explanation must be issued as to why that is the case by non other than the cabinet secretary himself.

Hii ni serious, KNEC should explain everything hapa

Pia wewe admin mzima unatuletea unverified stuff hapa. Hii propaganda achia watu wa huko kwa Zuckerburger.

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KNEC attributed the error to a ‘misprint’.


Pass if you think this is not credible.

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ndio mtajua hamjui

I was about to put up this thread…i think they have decided to subotage innocent kids from NRM strongholds. How do they explain the misprint in such a case!!


Kumekua na shida allover. Wengine the text message returns different marks each time one inquires

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That is serious I say.

Wamanyagi good morning

If it is true there must be an explanation that was issued alongside the results

Disband KNEC and send all senior officials home.
Are we going to hear that anytime soon or laxity in government institutions can be glossed over unless it’s the IEBC?

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Winter is coming for KCSE, stay tuned

So Magoha an ethnic Luo decided to sabotage Luos, Luhya and Kambas?


in Kenya, corrections can always be made depending on how much you need them.

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