CSI Quiz

Any Ideas as to what is about to unfold here … ??? :smiley:



This do-it-yourself guide copublished by the Global Water Initiative provides step-by-step instruction on building simple pit latrines. It was designed for use at the individual household level to assist families in West Africa who have already decided to build their own latrines. The goal of the guide is to ensure that users will be satisfied with their new latrines


Noma sana… Hiyo thrill ya momoste in narrow alleys :smiley:


Hot stroking

Tamu kama sunguch

Na iyo wasiwasi yote,huyo msee atambao kweli

Huyu dem anakaa ka anasikia ku kunia

Yeah …
These “Alley Quickies” are very popular in some Estates …
And usually , … it is with married women … :smiley:

karugamo pap!