CSI kazi kwenyu

Am at a classified lokeshen frequented by seal team six members. ID the place and my 50 kcr are yours. [ATTACH=full]159260[/ATTACH]

You are living in the wealthy and extravagant past.:stuck_out_tongue:

Cheza chini ndugu

Kcr are no longer viable here. Thread closed

KCr=Cowrie shells=salt thrown by the roadside…

hio ni meza na SJ karumaindo

Ex-president Jacob Zuma yesterday said " I want the people of South Africa to treat me the same way they treated Mandela". Julius Malema, the opposition leader responded “what a great idea! Lets start with the 27 years in prison”. Zuma remained silent like his statue in Imo

nipe till ukunywe mbili kwangu