CS Moses Kuria: Family planning is a misguided programme

Trade CS Moses Kuria has termed as misguided family planning programmes saying there should be an open cheque for families to grow without control.

Speaking when he officially opened the Kenya International Investment Conference in Nairobi on Monday, Kuria said that G20 countries are there not because of their resources but their population.

“Economies are all about population, I really want to ask those people who were there when we were doing this kupanga uzazi, those people are not very good people,” he said.

“I think they misled us because today when you look at G20 countries, half of them are there not because of industrial power, or resources but because of just population and that is why they are in G20."

Kuria gave an example of Indonesia which he visited recently, saying it is the number 15 economy in the world with $1.8 trillion which is equivalent to the entire Africa GDP.

According to Kuria, Indonesia is where it is in development because it has ‘made the best use of its 300 million population.’

“So let us embrace population; let nobody come again with that kind of misguided programme as kupanga uzazi because by now you know even Kenya could be in G20 were it not for those people who came and gave us that kupanga uzazi,” Kuria said.

CS Kuria refers to Family Planning as ‘misguided programme’ (the-star.co.ke)

Kwana yeye mwenyewe ana watoto wangapi kabla aambie wengine wawe na wengi?

2 boys only

Kuzaa na kutozaa ni personal decision based on whether you have the bandwidth to deal with raising human beings. 1 kid or 20 kids, no government will ever sent you pocket money for their upkeep. Ni wewe ujipime na usijidanganye.

Akuje kwanza aseme za sukari

Africa is grossly Underpopulated

Team forest ongezeni sasa kila mtu this year 10kids

He should add about 11 ndio aanze kuambia watu wengine nonsense kamaa hii.

Even America.

This backward village mentality is the reason many families are living in poverty. You see a guy with nine kids anakusumbwa kila wakati anataka msaada.
This is very common.

Waanze government campaigns za DF artists

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And who will birth all these children
Poor hustlers who don’t even know where the next meal will come from
This coming from a government CS
And these are the people put in government to make critical decisions?!
Shida zingine ata hatuwezi saidikia …hizi ni za kujitakia

nikumwaga ndani…

Look at the bird’s that have no land but always have plenty to eat. Go on then and fill the earth, haya ndo maandichi takatif wewe kama hupendi kutomba Bibi shauri zako kumanina

You live in utopia.

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Moses Kuria has is a low IQ reckless imbecile

this is mwai kibaki 45 years ago on family planning vs moses kunia in 2023


Kids are good but too many can give you a hard time raising them