CS Macharia to be appointed Treasury CS as Rotich spills the beans

CS Rotich has told the DCI that 14 billion was paid.

He said instructions came from the man above, he says he refused and he was bypassed as payments were made.

IInterrogation to reveal more as the war against Ruto intensifies as both sides compete on who can spill beans more than the other.

Let him spill the money. Pesa irudishwe


bypassed aje?

Effidence iko na DCI, things will fall in place this week. The kitchen is hot.

Alisema halipi, and other people authorized payments

Macharia ni meffi,asipewe treasury.

Ile design ya surgery.

Hizi ministry zote zipewe Matiangi

So pesa ilipotea ama haikupotea?

I think he holds the brief for Kamwana, kuna vile nyama inapelekewa Gatheca from all these mega projects. That guy should have been fired before the goon Echesa.

We all want to believe the man above is Ruto

Kumbuka mafia house scandal,now project za roads,money is just being lost.Alafu hapo juu Rotich akisema orders from above he means Kamwana.Ama munafikiria northlands itajengwa na maziwa pekee

Health scandal ilikuwa mpaka na sis ya Gatheca. It seems he was plucked from his CEO position at the bank with just an intention to create confusion because hata Kamau alikula but I dare say he was better than Macharia.

He was.Even Kimunya was better than Macharia

Hapa above ni DP, if it was Kamwana, the RV brigade would be pointing fingers on Uhuru

does he even have powers legally to bypass such payments, I remember the Italian PM had visited kenya and I would think the dam projects would have been discussed since they were loans, but lets wait and see what Kinoti and team will do.

Rotich is the most incompetent CS ever. Swity alipoteza 1billion akiwa CS wa devolution and the whole country just about had a seizure demanding for her ouster. So why is there just mild noise about Rotich’s tenure? This guy has done enough damage ata Eurobond ilikuwa yeye tu. Why are male leaders in Kenya handled with kids gloves while women face hell-fire? So unfair.

stop feminism diarrhea.

Upuss. From Straight outa digiri’s arse