Happy New Year! Anyone currently speculating with cryptocurrencies? I wanted to sign up at Bittrex but they are not accepting new registrations. Bitfinex too has paused new registrations. I want to speculate this year, and I need someone to point me in the right direction. I can do the analysis on my own, but I need to know which exchange is the easiest to join as a Kenyan, easy to withdraw/load funds, has many currencies on offer and excellent liquidity. Basically, an exchange that is secure and wont make me jump through whoops to join as a Kenyan speculator.

I do that with my forex broker. But it is traded as derivatives, no owning the real crypto currencies.

More brokers=more commissions to pay…and you still got to do the research either way. I like cutting out middlemen unless it is inevitable.

well, go Bloomberg or whatever floats your boat. By the way I don’t pay commission only bid/ask spread.

I use, a UK based platform.
Give it a try. Though you’ll need to validate your credentials by taking a photo showing your face + debit/credit card.

So which cryptocurrencies are you digging for now

How liquid is it? Does it have many listed currencies?

Just buy btc then exchange on the wallet. I use exodus. I buy btc then convert it into another crypto. I don’t trust keeping NY money on exchanges.

Interesting concept. Very impressed. Wacha niisomee kwanza. One question though, how many coins are available for trading?

Depends on the wallet. In my experience a wallet called coinomi (on the play store) has the most coins.

I am focusing on Litecoin, Ethereum and Ripple. I am buying and holding.

August this year I bought 500 Litecoins at $48, know they are valued at $250.

I intend to buy atleast 100 coins for upcoming cryptocurrencies at their ICOs when they are cheap.

They have a couple of currencies but they keep adding.

@Quanstrom kuja haraka. Your advice is needed.

Is there any wallet that supports ripple? Coz hii ndio nataka kununua

Nope. You have to buy on an exchange

Shit!! Huezi own…

Here is a list of other Cryptocurrencies Exchanges which you could try:
[li]Poloniex[/li][li]Kraken [/li][li]Exmo[/li][li]Changelly[/li][li]ShapeShift[/li][li]HitBTC[/li][li]BitStamp[/li][li]Binance (what I have been using, easy registration, but fewer coins compared to Bittrex)[/li][li]Gatecoin[/li][/ul]
(Courtesy: sites similar to ). You could also use this link to compare various exchanges and what they offer ( How to Buy Bitcoin and Other Popular Cryptocurrency - CoinCentral )

All the best…

For $500 you can get 0.0343759 BTC from , however from that would give you 0.o304 BTC… Just gotta do your research. 0.0036 is a lot of BTC to loose. What I often do is buy BTC then exchange it for other coins. I however use cryptonator though have read about an it has really good reviews.
Abt the coin to invest in, if I were to pick one that isn’t as volatile i’d say Ripple