Crypto Crash

Binance pull out of deal to save FTX citing factors outside their control




The markets have responded. BTC currently at $16k, down from $18k



It’s predicted that this may have a ripple effect across the whole cryptocurrency space.
If the second largest exchange can collapse in just a couple of days, what about the rest? Some lessons from CZ


Tighter regulation is now expected in the industry. If FTX goes bankrupt, it could negatively affect the entire space. Here’s what the Cardano founder had to say


At least I never bothered to understand or buy into the crypto shit.
It was a loooong con.

Let’s see if Solana goes the Terra way.


Katambe buana, crypto still feels expensive as of now na vile kila mahali dunia mzima watu wanalalamika maisha inakua ngumu crypto zitaendelea kufilisika

A short movie…