Crypto advice: buy $PEPE

This coin is poised to climb quite dramatically this week. Opportunity for some quick cash if you get in and out fast enough. Remember not to get greedy

Coins ziko kwa ethereum niliogopa

Gas fees ate into 100% of my profits

How high can it realistically get before going burst?

Like sheep to the slaughter…

Why on earth would you buy the 4th best performing coin on Binance year-to-date? The coin is up 1100%. You are buying from the dude who bought low and providing him with the liquidity to cash out.

Trading is a zero-sum game. The guy with a 1100% gain needs people like you to realize his gains. If you didn’t by back then you are the fool FOMO-ing now.

For that guy to make money, tens of idiots must lose their money because it is a zer0 sum game.

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Personally I am doing it for a small scalp before the mania phase. If you don’t need more than 30% gain, scalping a trending coin on the way up is a very easy win in crypto. I will show you the results in a few days

Hehe, it’s broken support this morning tu. Mi nimejitoa haraka. You were right, I was wrong. Nimekula a small loss hapo lakini, around 3%. Crazy experience

Appreciate the heads-up about $PEPE. I’m always intrigued by crypto chatter, but I’ve learned the hard way to tread carefully in this volatile market. While there might be potential for quick gains, I’ve found that chasing short-term profits can often lead to disappointment. Instead, I prefer to stick to my investment strategy, focusing on projects with strong fundamentals and long-term potential. That said, I’m glad platforms like ICO Calendar exist to help navigate through the noise and find legitimate opportunities. It’s all about striking the right balance between risk and reward in the crypto world.