Crude oil being smuggled out of Turkana -Tullow Denies


Siirr. Was just wondering why “The Standard” would publish such an article so I was just reading some research. I m wondering if the author saw a similar setup and calls it Chunks. Thats my query. These videos are just briefs and I dont take them in totality.

Another of raila’s ridiculous claims

You have sense simiyu. Someone once said here its a matter of time before Kenya goes nigeria, sudan,Libya and Angola way. It started by the turkanas blocking the roads transporting crude oil , next we find an influx of Somalis doing black trade . Soon international criminals will be involved and Sudan here we come. There should be adequate control of some of these natural resources .It should be treason to be found dealing with illegal crude will be hard to control it later

Btw kama nchi iliuzwa si atleast watupunguzie bei ya ngata.

Yes precarious situation needs quick solutions. Thats why instead of dismissing the whole thing I decided to look a little deeper.

in that whole story where is raila’s name mentioned?

okay Sir. Focus on the science. the science…and especially fractional distillation with a mind on the volatility of petrol. am off to work.

Sawa. I actually know what that is. It makes use of different boiling points. Its just the report thats very interesting.

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These two reporters seriously need help

People hawasomi between the lines .The author of this article is trying to communicate something. Or are we slow today?

I have been to Lokichar during groundbreaking for the tarmacking of Lokichar road. A key demand from the community to allow the export of crude oil that’s filled in the tanks. Tullow has to conduct oil flow tests on the successful rigs to determine its output. All that crude that’s pumped out is stored in huge steel tanks. Now the tanks are full and they have to be sold since Tullow needs the tanks empty to do other flow test in other rigs. Legally the crude oil remains GoK property not Tullow so they asked us to dispose it ourselves. Its also a security risk to remain there for long period of time.

One thing about Lokichar is the enormous heat from the sun. Tullow private security is very tight and NPS officers also constantly patrol there. Lastly the locals are very vigilant and involved in all nonprofessional work there. Their mistrust of Tullow make them follow up on all activities on the site. There is no way they will allow smugglers of their oil. Every vehicle there has to been known to them or it wouldn’t pass. The MCA there is militant and he hosted us for that week. At first I was apprehensive but if it wasn’t for him that one week would have been hard on us. He literary has eyes and ears everywhere. When Tullow and Gok agreed to dispose the crude oil, they called them for a meeting to agree the way forward. They agreed on one demand the road be Tarmacked. That would cost Kshs 1.2 Billion while the 100000 barrels at $40 per barrel would be $4 million expenses for transportation would cost $500000 so profit is $3,500,000 or 350 million. However Gok agreed to build the road all the same for the community and to make further development easier. It was agreed and they community allowed it to proceed.

Our media is corrupt that’s why its called crooked media. I’m sure this article was written and sent to Tullow as a right to reply. They expected a sit down and brown envelops however I’m sure after reading it they must have just laughed.

Could we be discussing a satirical piece. I don’t believe anyone would even attempt lighting up a fire there during the day. Maybe the night.


ni kama hii crude inaokotwa by the roadside the way a coal seam would be exposed by a landslide halafu watu waanze kuokota na kuweka kwa magunia for their jikos…:slight_smile:

Atleast we’ve heard from Govt side,which you rep. My question… whose truth is the truth?

Spear ,if it’s an issue of villagers trusting tullow that much, then why is that the same villagers were blocking the truck transporting the crude oil recently?
Stop sweeping this issue under the carpet,talk to your master who swept corruption under the carpet.Issues about oil can’t be treated like "mlitaka nifanye nini?"manenos. This oil will consume people’s live. And the signs are up already .

Solid blocks of crude oil packed in gunia and transported in boda boda for a makeshift distillery where a fire furnace is on in the middle of the hottest part in Kenya. Men this is some creative imaginary piece.

Another’s clear example that reading and comprehension are two different things and exclusive of each other. Where is it written that they trust each other.

the one appearing true on face value.
ie. hiyo ya kubeba crude na gunia using a bodaboda in a semi desert

Baboun amepata topic ya presser Leo, Orengo is busy writing a statement