Hii upuzi ya Crowd 1 wengi watalia


Damn! Wacha wajinga waibiwe.
ION: dem ni mali Safi.

[SIZE=5]The witness is called Jesse Jacob. Trained by the City of Detroit to cheat. She coached people on how to vote.[/SIZE]

A real man admits when he loses… that’s how we learn, no one said life is fair!! Even obama conceded, whats so special about trump?

Mbuthia wa Tacoma niaje

:D:D:D:D Obama conceded to who exactly???

Your candidate steals halafu ati you demand concession …hehehe.

You are a funny negrumps. A real comic.

Kahawa Sukari massive naona you are very evasive. Trying not show your true political stand. :smiley:

I like your style. But najua wewe ni Biden damu.

I’ve always been a Trump person but akina Pompeo and Navarro were very repulsive to me.
Hapo ndio I started wishing for a Biden win just to get rid of these fools that sorround Trump.