Why are Africans doing poorly in this area compared to Asians in Kenya? An African can suceed in building a mighty empire but once he passes on the empire left to his kids slowly die. What gives?

What gives?


Wakenya hawana culture ya kuingiza watoto kwa the family business like asians and arabs and frankly its a shame. Ukiona Mzito Trump his dad was into real estate owned residentials in brooklyn akaingiza watoto and Trump did the same thing and groomed the children. Before he ventured into politics trump had made a brand around his name where it was associated with luxury. All dynistic business empires do this if they are smart.
I think shida ya reach kenyans they dont think about legacy. We dont have attitudes kama ya some jewish media or banking families who plan generations ahead for the well being of their progeny.
That is why even though a person may get really wealthy in their life time the kids blow it or never increase family wealth. This is because most kenyan reach dont invest in their children by instilling proper work ethic and imparting knowledge gained from ventures.
So unapata after 3 generations family wealth ni kuisha iliisha.

If you observe hata duka ndogo za wahindi mtoto from a young age mtoto akitoka shule jioni anareport kwa duka first thing, si kama sisi unafukuzwa ukafanye homework and as the kid grows bizna inakua a part of him

Worldwide, very few families that wealth makes it past the 3rd generations. And this is where foundations come in.
So, the problem not uniquely kenyan.

The so called Asians, inherit this businesses and run them down to. Ama what’s happening to Nakumatt, only that, this information remain within their close knitted society

You are right its not uniquely kenyan or African. I think Jews have been the most successful at passing on generational wealth I think thats why they are hated and reveared in equal measure around the world.

No am a green one.

Lemme research this

Nakumatt was inherited?

Nakumatt kuna conspiracy theory that ni taxes unpaid over decades theyre avoiding paying

Asians have fewer kids. Makes succession very easy. Reigns go to the next surviving male. Eg. Bobmil.

So the guy who was murdered who was the only son who took over?

Jews have many and theyre better at this even than Asians

Yes jews have the best track record of passing on generational wealth. I think this has alot to do with their culture and history. When the jews got flushed out of israel they became nomadic like gypseys in european and middle eastern urban and trade centers. They had to learn the Torah for themselves since there was no priest class. This pushed literacy levels very high in their culture compared to other peoples.
In the US jews make up only 2% of population but are highly represented in sectors like Finance, Media/Hollywood and Technology.
They also make up 25% of 400 richest persons in USA.

There are businesses that have been handed down generations. Coffee farms. Tea farms. Dairy farms. Sugar cane farms. The businesses that crumble are the merchandising firms. Most of the merchandising businesses are lucky to even be making profits 5 years after they started.

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