Crocodile tears

Looking at the political class in Kenya. All I see is lots of snakes shedding off, their skins.

Funny enough to make your lies more believable start believing them yourself.

mkale mijinga 2022 mutalia anaconda tears

Shait :D:D:D

:D:D:D bukusu kuwa mpole

Mgisu Wacha kusumbua Na leo nimeona watermelon Na Baba Patel wakisema virtues za matiba.


Is it you, Omwami?


Uwesmake reincarnate

injinia sijui huyo omwami , mimini msapere

Shenz. Jiwekee. Sisi sote wakenya

Kalonzo and Mudavadi visiting the late Matiba’s family and talking about his detention and fight for opening up the democratic space in Kenya while they were shining ministers in the government that made him a cabbage and ruined him financially.
These politicians are shameless.

the two were neophyte ministers around that time and don’t forget they were not naturals but made…if they appear spineless and expectant of others to make things happen for them it is coz that’s the way they are used to things happening to them…

Omwamiress ni msapere…

Ata moi atatuma mtoto yake kwa matanga !