Crocodile Handler Nearly Loses Is Testicles To A 3 Meter Beast

An unwitting South African crocodile handler nearly lost his genitals after a massive 15-foot beast bit him between the legs after he poked it with a stick in its enclosure as a crowd of tourists looked on.

Horrifying video shows the experienced reptile expert shrieking as the massive predator latched onto him just below his waist — inches from his manhood. It left a nasty wound, but fatefully, his genitals were safe.

The beast was reportedly a Nile Crocodile, one of the largest reptiles in the world with an incredibly powerful bite. When the handler poked it with a stick, it whipped its head around and latched onto his leg as bystanders screamed and the man himself yelled, “Help!”

The terrifying moment reportedly played out, according to the Daily Mail, as the handler was giving a demonstration to onlookers at the Crocodile Creek theme park in Ballito in KwaZulu-Natal, a coastal province just north of Durban.

Footage shows a second, much smaller crocodile racing to join the attack after the first latched on to him as tourists began to scream for help. After the beast pinned him down, the handler was somehow able to stand, and the giant reptile released him, allowing him to run to safety.

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