Critics na Fanatics wa Kagame

All the Rwandans I’ve encountered, either hapa ama other countries, always look over their backs suspiciously when talk about Kagame begins.

You’re out there having a good time talking about general or technical issues, with them. Then that conversation shifts to politics and leadership in East Africa, they get a little jittery. Mention Kagame and they are totally uneasy. Kidogo wanabluetick hiyo banter ni kama dem umeambiwa “jilete nitalipa uber ukifika”. Same to Burundians. Ugandans keep mumb too. Ama wanaanza kuongea Luganda. Tanzanians nao ni fanaticism towards mapaddlock.
([SIZE=1]Kwani ni Kenyans tu hutusi president wao?)[/SIZE]

Well, development comes first, right? Regardless of the cost on freedoms, ama?
Kagame ni kama Scribes na Pharisees: wanaosha the outside of the cup and leaving the inside dirty-selfish and greedy

Anyway, jisomeeni zaidi

We have a talker here, high roller, lives and works in Rwanda. To my knowledge he NEVER comments on their politics or on Kagame. I think it’s quite telling.

Sasa nimeelewa,kuna kaboy najua huwa hapendi riba za politics,always defensive ikiingia ni za kwao. Never gave it much thought until saa hii. Wacha nikamchokoze nimwambie amesahau kuweka kidole kwa manifesto ya chairman kagame:D

Yes those are people who have created a police state. Your words can cost you dearly.
Kenyans have fought for many freedoms that we will not allow to be taken away by a few crooks.

Kagame ni PR tu.

Anyone that dares run against him in an election has signed their arrest warrant. If they are popular, it becomes a death warrant.

No wonder him and that other dictator in Ethiopia are getting along so well.

si mlisema ndemoklasy doesnt work in africa…

I guess mbi-mbi-eye battalion ni bandits

He is quite good in PR actually but you can only invoke such tactics for a while. I remember last year the government was caught manipulating official economic statistics. A behavior that Mapadlock has since copied and using it unapologetically to decieve Tanzanians.

These are refined tools of full spectrum warfare. Information warfare. Kenyans believe Rwanda is very rich and organized country. Most of it is still Rural and poor. In Kampala along Rubaga Road every Friday Buses arrive full of Rwandese Prostitutes who will hawk their wares in that area and leave for home on Monday. These are not signs of a rich country.

Jubilee also copied the same from their Cambridge analytical and other advisors. Development is seen in portals.

In the information age politics is a 24 hour game because there are 24/7 news channels so you never stop campaigns even after winning. That is why bloggers are now a very useful tool for Politicians.

You and other africans spend your time talking ill about your country 24/7 and i nor anyone can respect you for that… In my oppinion the lowest IQ people are those who talk ill about their own countries to others because people will look on you bad aswell. Just look here on kenyatalk, the inferiority complex etc. As a Burundian i dont talk ill about my country and choose my words carefully because thats just how i’m, and i look down on other Burundians who do. I also respect Nigerians for always being warry when talking about their country, even zoomalis dont talk ill about zoomalia.

Anyway, i read the news article. Ofcourse i dont believe in putting any bodily harm to other Burundians or africans in any similar situation. I want to live in a Burundi where everyone feel that they are free.

@mbakuthesupreme Kenyans talk the truth about their country. They are unfazed by power and money. These rights of criticizing your leaders so that they do better are well established in Kenya.

I am a member of some of the largest Nigerian and Somali chatrooms and they also criticize their Government.

Some of those countries you praise are leading sources of economic and political refugees. Their countries could not be doing well for them to run away.

First of all, other people critisize their own country, as do many rwandans, burundians, nigerians, etc but they do it amongst themselves instead of amongst other people or going in foreign medias and talking ill about their countries publically. And chat room are interelly different from world settings.

Look at singer activist such as Burna Boy. He critisize Nigeria and its conditions on many songs, and in 1 interview in U.S.A he was asked to talk about the situation in Nigeria on camera and refused because of how it would look back home. That is having a code. Look at this Nigerian comedian when he was in kenya doing a comedy show. He was going to talk about Nigerian police but reserved themselves to keep face for other Nigerians. Would it have been a kenyan they would have requested extra time because of how much shit they would have to say about their own country and people.

@mbakuthesupreme Very true my friend. But with the world being a global village these things get out.

The Endsars campaign in Nigeria is very recent and many celebrities joined it.

Another issue is that the people that were being talked about don’t tell the truth about their country because of fear not patriotism.

Even in America people criticize Trump openly despite being very patriotic.


Yes they do get out… But its not always fear but could also be a common sense that you dont do it. Why do you gain in talking ill about your country with others? Infact living in this world you will see that people respect you less when you talk ill about your country, the same as you would respect someone less if all they did was talk ill of their family. I have seen many africans talk ill about their countries to jungus and how corrupt, missmanaged, bad their country is and them not realising that when they are saying all those things they are also making the listeners putting those qualities on them. Its as simple as that i dont believe smart people talk bad about their countries to others. Keep it in the family and fix your issues, you gain nothing in doing the opposite. You have many africans talking ill about Africa to europeans etc and all it does is make us africans look bad and also those same people doing it.

Democratic societies are more likely to be introspective about the happenings in their own countries, which is why you will find them more likely to engage in self criticism.

However, go to the China Reddit forum or a Tanzanian online forum and you will see the navel gazing that goes on there.

Also, stop invoking IQ at every turn. For a person who references intelligence this much, how could you cite a falsehood that can be easily debunked through a simple Google search?

A cursory glance at Nigerian forums and media landscape will easily negate your bullshit assertions. Nigerians do in fact speak ill about their country. Even their most eminent writers, most likely high IQ individuals, bash Nigeria all the time.

Ever heard of the book " the trouble with Nigeria by Chinua Achebe, Mr high IQ individual?

So because you don’t speak ill of Burundi, do you become ipso facto, a high Individual enough to rival the intelligence of authors like Wole Soyinka or Chinua Achebe who have dedicated their works to criticize their motherland?

What of enlightenment philosophers and thinkers who often spoke ill of every social political problems that plagued their societies?

Are they low IQ individuals too?

You can engage in blind patriotic gestures all you want, but don’t be gullible enough to marinate in BS and falsehoods that won’t allow you to engage in just an ounce of self introspection about your country’s shortcomings and political problems under the pretence of wanting to seem intelligent.


Stop being so emotional and calm down… Just because you have some authors who wrote somethings doesn’t mean that its the case for the people of Nigeria… And ofcourse nigerians in a Nigerian forum would talk about all ills in their countries… Forums are interilly different to real life situations where you will realise that nigerians as a people rarely go out of their way to talk ill about nigeria to other non nigerians or africans. This is compared to other africans whom are comfortable of doing so. I dont engage in blind patriotism, but its a low IQ action to talk ill about your people… Its the same thing as there are many africans who talk ill about africa and poiting it as a dark continent to non africans. What are they gaining from this? Infact people look at you the way you described your home, in a bad way.

I have many things i believe should improve in Burundi and believe that we are in many way led by leaders who hold the country back, but whay would i gain from going out and screaming that to non burundians? Nothing.

BBC pia watuwache kwani dunia yote east africa tu ndio wameona news iko mara babies kuuzwa mara kagame

The situation in Rwanda is very fragile. Coz minority Tutsi are ruling majority Hutu. That is why Kagame amekwama kwa kiti coz he knows in a free and fair election hutus will be back in power. 10% can’t rule 90% for long.

It is people like you who are the real enemies of Africa. Ghasia.