Criminals and corrupt Kikuyu and Nilotic are stealing Mombasa Republic wealth

Criminals and corrupt Kikuyu and Nilotic so called politicians are stealing Mombasa Republic wealth, Bantu Kikuyu and Nilotic are not only stealing and occupying native coastal people territories at the coastal regions but they are at the same time, also destroying coral reefs, polluting the sea water and stealing marine wealth valued at US$100 million.

Mombasa Republic has a total coastline (measured as a straight line) of 424 km and an Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) of 120,455 km2, However, corrupt kenya government has secretly licensed more than 200 European and Asian fishing trawlers to fish in Mombasa Republic tiny EEZ for years and, as a result, Today, Mombasa Republic seabed is barren and its fish stocks have disappeared, This alarming news is according to data collected by Marine Ecology, anyway, this type of corruption is no longer acceptable in this day and age.

Mombasa Republic will without a doubt secede from Kenya very soon.

Shithole zoomalia has a GDP of $5 billion.

Secession is a pipe dream. No coastal leader would forfeit the sweet and free devolution money from Bantu plebs and form a small, useless and economically unviable state. Plus GOK can’t cede it’s territory like that.

You own nothing, clueless Kenyans. Her Majesty the Queen gave you independence to choose your politicians, sio independence ya kuongelelea rasilmali zake vile mnataka.

Achana na yeye. His 68 IQ zoomalian brain can only think of violence, religious extremism, khat and secession.

Aha I see now.