Criminal Landlords and Deposit

Hey talkers, we need a very permanent solution to this ugly problem happening in our country. Especially Nairobi.

Why on Earth will landlords refuse to refund deposits??
You pay rents before the 5th or 7th of every month unfailing and when you move out these assholes start giving cock and bull stories and eventually stop picking your calls hoping you will forget the money.

I recently moved out of a 1 bedroom apartment and till date the landlord has refused to refund my deposits. At first it was he was waiting for rents to be collected and now he wants his apartments filled up before refunding deposits. What level of wickedness do we need to put up with in this country?

Talkers, seriously this is a daily problem. Can we form a group of lawyers backed by law enforcement with the sole purpose of assisting victims in this predicament??

Create an app or dashboard to start posting Apartments and buildings publicly that have refused to pay deposits??

Solutions talkers, solutions. We need to get ahead of this thing.

Nliskia kuna kitu inaitwa kukalia deposit.

Rights are not given, they are taken, the law has not specified how much force you should apply,

He was longing to safisha his rungu on you…

So how much force is necessary here? Do we have a permanent solution. Cos am thinking we need to disrupt this industry like Uber disrupted the taxis.

Until we start a process of holding these guys accountable nothing will be done.

Deposit is meant to take care of painting and repairs in the house after you move out and before another tenant comes in.
If there’s any balance left it’s usually given back to the tenant.
Otherwise don’t expect to leave someone’s house in a mess then expect rent deposit.
That’s why it was introduced…
Speaking as a landlord.

Mwizi kubaff

This is the correct position but some landlords are just rogue and unethical.

Why cant they refund hata kama ni 50% wakupe breakdown ya costs wame incur?

Its that simple.

That’s not the definition of a deposit, see proper definition below.

Speaking as a tenant, I have not left the landlord’s house in a mess, in fact the caretaker inspected the property on the day of my exit and confirmed to the landlord every installation was intact as per our agreement.
So if you are good landlord you won’t be quick to jump to conclusions that every tenant messes up a property.

You guys have gone rogue and we will do something about it…we cant be contributing money Nairobi landlords, and why is this practice of deposit not happening upcountry?

There is no enforcement on refunds in Nairobi that’s why we keep having this problems.

Ata mimi nilikuwa hapo, i made some heavy weight threats akatii within one hour.

Boss mshow utampeleka KRA, atatii

Jifanye mjinga boss…Nunua kufulia the best alafu ufunge one of his vacant houses. mwambia utafungua akikurudishia deposit.

Tenants aren’t angels and there are many who will deliberately trash your house especially if they leave on bad terms.
Utapata umeachiwa freshly removed pads in the kitchen sink and old underwear in the sitting room.

Zamani nilikua nakuja na contract yangu from drinking buddies/rogue lawyers pale luthuli,ikisema nitalipa kila kitu iliyo haribika time nitatoka na kurepaint the house…all on my terms. Ofcourse due date and conditions ya kunirudishia depo iko highlighted vizuri.Siku ya notice i attatch the letter, It worked well for me,pesa unarudishiwa ikiwa taslim

Renting in Kenya can be hectic especially when one needs to shift. Caretakers and agents are the problem. It’s advisable to ‘sit’ on your deposit a month before moving.

kwangu hakuna deposit,

Mix some cement with water alafu mwaga kwa choo na sink. He’ll/she’ll spend ten times the amount to fix the whole system!

What paint costs over 15k,did you read what he said,he wasn’t refund any penny.

Can’t you.look it the other way,if landlords refunded money,tenants would leave in peace,otherwise i have already targets items to destroy when leaving my flat to cancel out my 30k deposit

Exactly, and that’s why tenants are forced to start destroying things. I wish I had destroyed that house before leaving…these landlords are knowingly taking us for fools.

Middlemen have always been the problem in any industry