Crimial Proceedings need Orengo





Jubilidiots mnasumbua sana. Plus mliambiwa kitambo, choices have consequences.

And I can guarantee you hawa wa Keroche must have been playing this tune all the while they were brewing.

the shakiness in his voice … he must have been really pained in his heart. aunty beth ndio huyo anaswing kwa kiti kama Late Lucy.

The average Kenyan lacks the capacity to rationalize that institutions must be greater than individuals or the government of the day. That way you avoid such pitfalls when power changes hands. When we espoused this most called us names from “Jakuonists”, simply because we opposed their tribal allegiances or their choice for PORK.

Uhuru is a lazy, spoilt brat, drunk. Can guarantee you he does not wake up earlier than 8-9am when the average Kenyan is commuting from 5am to beat the traffic.

Maze the bile you have to Kikuyus is so deep. Wacha ukabila. Kila mtu na mzigo wake.

Why does the dpp feels there is need to offer explanation to the general public? He knows they’ll definitely lose the case in court.

What bile? He’s speaking pure facts

jaruo mnasumbua

Quoted like a good old bigot

suck a dick

Luos feel it is godsent to vote for baba and are almost violent on anyone who thinks otherwise. When kyuks vote for Uhuru or kalez for Ruto, they take great offense and term it as tribalism( nyani haoni kundule). Ironically, when Uhuru supported the No campaign in 2005 and Ruto of baba in 2007 they had no problem. Hypocrisy yenyu @Swansea, @Jimit, @othello pelekeni na huko mbali. And just because we voted for jubilee doesn’t mean we won’t criticize them. Najua for babuon sycophants,criticism of your diety or ODM is a taboo

You can as well as insert a cactus into your basin sized but I wouldn’t give a fuck

Ubaya wako unafikirianga ka mende imekunywa sumu. What makes you think I didn’t vote for Uhuru? What makes you think Am not a kiuk? Alaf stori na kuvote zmeingilia wapi? Ghasia

What makes you think I’m Luo? But the average Kelenjin based on historical facts are non performers. You ran down a country, parastatals, economy that you had ABSOLUTE power over for almost quarter century. Just to put it into perspective.

Pray tell why would want another at the helm?

Problem with average thinking folks is that you compartmentalize, stereotype those opposed to your narrative to advance your selfish ends. Lay the down the facts. Let’s debate that as a baseline. Then we can proceed.

How old are you?


I once was referred to as babuoonist

As if you didn’t act like one in the fiscal year 2018-2019