Crime Watch : Thugs beat a driver ruthless


So horrific. I guess he wanted to flee before that idiot hit him. Vigilance always

Indeed, vigilance is key to avoiding such circumstances.

Nduthi ni adui

these peoplr


Hizi cctv zinasaidia

But as I said recently after the Uhuru Park footage, technology today is advanced enough to deliver sharp, high resolution close up images, but nobody is doing it.

Imagine if there were multiple cameras with motion detection and zoom capabilities.

We neither have faces nor number plates from this incident.

Hata alice wahome alikua captured on live camera aki shika iebc official makende na hajawai pelekwa pahali

lynk !?

Prince of irrelevant diversions, umekuwa wapi tangu Baba yenu ajiapishe?

This is what is wrong about ‘Kenyans’ - right opposite is what seems to be an entertainment establishment/huge home complete with real German shepherds. This guy must have been screaming like mad but nobody came to his rescue - exactly like what happens on Nairobi streets.

Halafu kila mtu anakuja hapa ku-blame serikali…

hio kamera imetuangusha banaa tupatieni kamera inaonyesha ground impound .

I hope the police can go by clothes, height, fingerprints and a few more clues to zero in on the criminals. I hope the man wasn’t murdered, was he?


ngombe hii

Bukusmek umepotea saidi.

niko baba , ni vile nakaribia kuenda Neserlands

I never leave the house with out my glock

glock nikii