Crime :Heidi Broussard 33 and Margot Carey 2 weeks old

What is it with the holidays and these familicides? Last year it was Kelsey Berreth around Thanksgiving. Few years back right before Christmas Laci Peterson. 8 months pg woman killed by her husband.

33 year old mom Heidi and Margot her 2 week old Daughter missing in Austin Texas. Her fiance did an interview and his body language is exactly like Chris Watts body language during the interview where he was pleading for his 2 daughters and pregnant wife’s return after he’d killed them.

Fiances Body language

Chris watts comparison

Lord. Look at the closing of the eyes. The swaying. The smiling in apropos. He done it. I watched his interview the first time and I was like ohh Hell No. What did I just see. Dejavu. Not again. It’s like watching Chris Watts all over again.