Crime & Benefits

"The persons beneficially entitled to shares in the estate of the murdered person shall be ascertained as though the murderer had died immediately before the murdered person," the law reads.

The law also specifies that this denial of inheritance is only applicable if the suspect is found guilty by a court of law.

“For the purpose of this section, the conviction of a person in criminal proceedings of the crime of murder shall be sufficient evidence of the fact that the person so convicted committed the murder,” Section 96(1) of the act instructs.

The DCI stated that the essence of distributing the information on what the law stipulated was so as to ‘inform and sensitize’ the public that for every act, they will be accountable to the law.

Kwa hivyo hata wig Wairimu amevaa si yake.

Barring a wonder, that woman will never go back to that property even if she and her workers broke the safe and hid the title deed.

Kuweni wapole. Kuna property za Murdered person, na properties held jointly with Murdered person.
She has a right to properties held jointly.

Do you know that she had 1 share of Tob’s Golf Travel against his 999?

In her hastily created blog, she claims that Tob (ex CEO of Philips East Africa) had only 15,000 guilders to his name when he came to Kenya. Truth is that she was office assistant.

Why is this important? Mr. Cohen probably put most property and assets in his or the company name. Ergo the only share she can lay claim to is 1/1000.

No wonder the safe was raided!

Let the killings, maiming and mayhem continue. Let the septic tanks win.