Sometimes I wonder…why do people copy what I do often. For instance, today I walked into a bar…sat at a table, alone, sikuwa nataka kulewa…just to see some ass shaking then drive home. Nikaitisha del Monte…a stranger joined my table, akaitisha Del Monte pia…not typical for a dude. A third guy joined, akaitisha Del Monte pia…sasa meza Ina Del Monte tatu na ndume tatu…we look like sissies. Hata madame wanapita wanaangalia wanashangaa. How can three strangers sit kwa meza iko club imejaa Del Monte…I felt offended nimejitoa.


Very GAY thread…


I expected majamaa wabehave kawaida…guiness etc…that way I won’t appear out of place…sasa two strangers wanaitisha Del Monte each…na wao pia hawajuani…its like hypnosis or something…if I wasn’t driving ningekunywa fobe kama kawaida…so I left

:smiley: @M2Random , I hope lesson learned. Next time kama hutaki kunywa phombe… usiende bar, ama utapata men drinking what you are drinking randomly. Next time enda na chali yako bar yule atakunywa or fanya zero grazing kwako myumbani.

I went to see girls shaking ass…juu kunakuwanga na competition on Wednesdays…but singekunywa juu niko solo nyuma ya steering. That was a very weird experience.

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Pengine mpango ulikuwa wakuroge. Just think about it!

Singo madhas wamekurushia uchawi


Precisely, they were to switch the juice and get spiked.

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Ama Delmonte ni secret invite ya faggots . :D:D


Whatever it was…I don’t believe in coincidence. It is very awkward mwanaume kuitisha Del Monte kwa bar…unless ni Mimi with a good reason. When another guy comes and orders the same juice, na anakaa kwa table yako, it gets weird. When a third guy comes, twenty minutes later, joins your table and also asks for Del Monte…that’s too creepy…na sikuona MTU mwingine na juice bar yote…we looked like three idiots

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Drinking juice kwa club is an anomaly…if you must, it is only logical you don’t do it place kuna mwanaume mwingine anakunywa juice kama wewe…not to make the situation worse. When I get kwa club mimi hutafuta ile meza imechafuliwa na iko na madame just in case niangukie mmoja.

Mngeanzisha chama ya wamama. You never know how far you can go with a simple idea.

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Is it one of those strip places where people dont use glasses because of Mbichori? where you hold your bottle and put your thumb on top of the spout? Where big very lightskin mamas with too much makeup sit on one table and give you suggestive stares each time you turn your neck slightly?

I dont know how come … I tend to stay away from the crowd in clubs. Not mix in too much. Somehow the mahagas pick you out from far and come moja moja. (With favors and requests of course). Though it depends. There are times I go pub and dont even want a conversation…just piga my drink and potea…then there are times I may leave a bottle in the house and go buy the same in a club just to enjoy ile environment.


Waliona kama ni non-alcoholics section

LOLOLOL. It was before a No Children beyond this point sign.

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Na hii Del Monte umeitaja sana. Na kama ingekuwa Dom Perignon Brut??

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this shit is too
funny, in kawaida ya waKenya kusema ‘nipee kama ya ule’


Uliexpect aje wa2random wata- behave vile unaexpect wa-behave? guess they were just trying to identify with you…