Credit/debit card payments woocommerce

I was creating ecommerce website targeting US clients where I wanted credit/debit cards to be the main payment methods. After researching, I found skrill was the best payment gateway for these cards. Unfortunately creating skrill in Kenya demands for comprehensive paperwork which I am against. Apart from skrill, Which other wordpress plugin would you recommend?

Stripe if it works in Kenya. US clients want a payment partner they can trust to process their cards so it doesn’t look like they’re getting scammed.

I am consindering it, but it’s a bit complex to set it up. People say “it’s secure,” but not, as administrators can see it’s source code and upload a malicious script.

I am consindering to use payoneer woocommerce checkout. What’s your thoughts on it?

I personally use Stripe because my target market (US, Europe and Asia) trust them.

They give you an API or what?

Can you even open stripe in Kenya?

No, just a few lines of code to add in functions.php of the plugin before installing it to your wordpress site.

It’s possible in the restricted countries, but you will require USA details such as bank info tel no. and business names