Credit Card

Wadau, a quick one.

Is it advisable to get a Credit Card? I’m being offered one with a limit of 100 - 300K by one of the local Banks.

Ask yourself if you can afford to pay a bill of Ksh 300k every month?

Utatombwa tombi tombi utombeke.

what are the costs involved with that credit card? does paying a maintenance fee of 30k every year make sense to you?

depends if he uses that amount or not

I had started to loose my financial discipline, i deactivated it and regained my planned expenditure.

Run away from that bait, imagine idle money on your table always( indirect loan), what will stop you from picking some out of your plan to brighten your mood when things gets dull in your house.

Okay but that means Maxing the card, I have no need of Maxing it at all.

Najua shafting iko if the card has balances on it and if I withdraw hard cash interests ni mwenda. I have no intention of basically misusing it juu iko available.

Sign up fee is 5K and maintenance is 10K or so a year. This excludes interest after lapse of setting outstanding balance on the card.

So, discipline is key. I’m not a haphazard spender maybe on Amazon tu. Looks like it’s a bad idea signing up for it.

10K if for a 100K card

That is a self decision, wewe hauna akili ndo ukuje utuulize kama unataka deni ama hautaki, Do we even know how you spend? Idiot

Discipline will last for several months then mdogomdogo impulse spending sets in. You will notice at the end of the year after preparing your personal balance sheet.

Eish Buda boss, unaumwa na nini? You sound bitter bana

…because you do not give adequate explanation why the Bank wants to offer you the credit card, how you spend, Your income and whee you stay so that I can organize and robb you

Chukua, so that you learn your lesson. Vitu zingine lazima experience

ya nini? tumia debit. credit ni ya watu wanafanya biz and needs you to pay stuff nayo ndio you get benefits, the rates are usually high if you default to pay on time. if wewe ni salaried wacha ufala and stick to your lane.

Lol, local Kijiji troll detected. I don’t really have to expound on that Sir.

Sawa. It helps build Credit Score if used vifiti lakini.

Makes sense for a business person who moves inventory to have one incase they need easily accessible cash.

Its good to have a credit card for emergencies. Also when shopping online you have more protection when the payment is done by a credit card.