Credible Elections vis Peace in Kenya

Ive noticed a trend where opposition categorically imply that if elections are not free and fair,Kenya can kiss peace goodbye. Is violence justifiable if elections are not free and fair? Kregler report stated clearly that both sides rigged at massive scale in 2007! One of the main area of rigging is dead voters who have not been expunged from the list of voters. This problem is still there as NASA presidential candidate stated his late son’s details are still on the list of voters and this clearly can facilitate rigging on both sides of the divide as a percentage big enough to influence the outcome of the August 8th elections will be allowed to vote outside the biometric system. So 100% credible elections is still a near impossible feat.With that in mind is it in order for opposition to threaten Kenyans with unrest should the said election not meet opposition’s credibility barometer? When we know from the nomination debacle that all losers cast aspersions on the credibility of the process and claim they won. So basically if opposition loses it follows that they will claim the process was not credible.Now as a Kenyan what is more important to you? Peace or ‘Credible’ elections (an opposition win)?

what are you saying?

Is violence justified if the elections are not free and fair?

nefa. violence against who? raiya? nefa efa.

Justice is more important than peace.

Your perception of what’s just differs from what I might be thinking and any other person for that matter.
This is a vague statement.

Peace is more important, without it elections cannot be held and neither can justice be achieved. The constitution does offer citizens .remedies none of which is of violent nature, you can demonstrate, picket and even present petitions to public authorities, the courts are accessible and available too, there is absolutely no reason to kill, maim, rape someone on account of election results.



Maybe there will be peace, but hapo kwa free and fair