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Help a brother here,
I have landed a job to create a website for a private school but I am not experienced in it.
The website will require a lot of content; that is photos, videos and writings. This is my area of expertise and I will easily do that.
Once I have the right content ready, can you advise on the next steps and the costs involved.
Also can you also suggest on how much I should charge the client. An amount that would net me the largest profit while not putting off the client.

If this is your first big project, 50-80k will be a good price. To justify your price, calculate the approximate amount of time it will take to finish the job then set an hourly price, taking into consideration your experience and skill set. My hourly fee is usually 3k and I have slightly over seven years experience in graphic design. I hope this helps you.

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I thought you said you’ve landed the job? How did you land it without quoting a price?


I will deliver a quotation later. I have done other jobs for the client hence I asked if I could create a website for them. They are liked the idea of a website very much.

I offered advice in your earlier post.

  1. you will need 2tons of brick, 6 wheelbarrows of white sand, 3bags of cement, na maji.

  2. mix them in the ratio 2:1:1:2, respectively.

  3. using ngurumara, apply thin layer of the mixture on your screen.

  4. wait for at least 10 minutes to dry.


:D :smiley: it’s too early man


Wait you’re building a website and you only know content and not web dev? Let me guess, you’re a business-minded okuyu? Hehe y’all are something else

lol he got no skill, he’s looking to rope someone else in and rip off two people at once
the school and the developer



@kanmz ulimaliza uniambie website ya escort service itanicost how much.

So, you want to rip huge profits for a shitty job? You are googling and searching the internet so that you fuck up someone’s business? And you think you’ll thrive and live in peace?

We are our own curse.

Do the right thing, tell the client you’re not qualified because you lack expertise.


Kwanza, exploit them. This is your chance kutoka poverty. Alafu, Google kitu inaitwa “WordPress” ni rahisi sana kutumia hadi huyo mzee mjinga mkikuyu wa hii kijiji aliishika

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Hii ndio inaitwa ‘consultancy’
Let a bratha anukishe kitunguu

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The richest men on this earth use other people’s skill and pay with other people’s money…

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Don’t listen to people telling you to let it go because of no experience . This is a bit harder than wordpress but you’ll end up with something very proffessional .

  1. Google ‘free html web templates’ … you can add keywords like 'for schools ’ etc
  2. Scour as many templates as you can until you see what would be ideal for the school.
  3. Download the template file . Make sure the contents are html pages and not psd format .
  4. Install dreamweaver on pc and use it to open the downloaded template .
  5. Change whatever is one the template website with your information and images .
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As a businessman never tell a client,… 'am sorry i don’t know /i can’t do it… kama haujui, that doesn’t mean the next friend doesn’t know, it will actually strengthen ur business links between the two of u

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lol so guys like Bezos and Zuckerberg don’t have a clue about their business? On a technical level? enyewe boy child is hopeless