Crazy Miss Tracy

I recall that day vividly, my first day in colle, the naïve Dune. I remember I was in a white brand new shirt, black slacks with Noir cologne on and skinny as fuck too plus I had an afro to die for. Your regular nerd. My mum was on tow, mummy’s boy! We exchanged some pleasantries and she left me to find my lecture hall alone, in the wide new strange world.

I had a game plan that I was to go by, I wasn’t going to play soft ball like the meek me back in high school, this was campus and I was going to have a blast, all or nothing. So I added a bounce to my step, searching for my first year class, I located easily. Kuingia class ilikua almost empty except for these funny looking seats that only had a board as a writing platform or something, and on two seats were the loveliest girls I had ever seen, dark skinned, with nicely done hair and well applied make up, they looked like cuties out of a movie scene, a Nigerian one at that. One funny thing is they almost look similar like twins of some sort, that’s what I assumed then.

My first impulse was to say hi, but I was shy as f, so I quietly picked out a seat in the back 9mimi ni back bencher damu0 and marked it as mine. I suddenly felt a presence beside me and on looking my greatest fear was confirm a beau standing beside me looking heavenly with a warm smile. To say I had venustraphobia would be a gross understatement; my knees went weak, my heat thumping. I had to say something I said hi, she said hi back and akaniuliza naitwa nani, nkamshow *Dune, yeye akaniambia anaitwa *Tracy and her friend was Lucy. Nkamuuliza, “I thought you were twins?” akacheka kiasi na kuniambia, “no, everyone’s been saying that.” I went to Lucy said Hi too. And that was the beginning of the craziest relationship between me and Tracy.

Tracy was the kind of girl you never said no to, but she said a lot of so many no with reckless abandon. Like I never had a her “goods” till second year and sheepishly I tagged along rubbing Her clit, giving her endless mind-blowing orgasms whenever she mentioned it and only being given ass jobs, that is her turning around in bed and me rubbing my dick in between her ass cheeks, ilikua nice but it wasn’t the real thing! I lived outside of campus so she would find herself in my room every chance she got, and that was very regular. She started by leaving her bra, her thongs (what was that string? And how did it hold ‘em things!), and finally her toothbrush sealed the deal. She now had unrestricted access to the dungeon of pleasures.

I thought I had seen the best/ worst of her, trouble started in 2nd year when she opened her cookie jar to me na aka anza kuni gawa slices. Damn, this girl was a sex freak and a control freak. She’d write me love notes on pieces of paper in class to be passed on to me, she’d come and sit on me in class. We were the talk of the whole school. I remember this one time there was a black out in school and she came to me telling me how she’s afraid of the dark ati twende kejani, mimi nkakataa kabsa acha dame akanigrab dick tukiwa class it was still dark, nkakua na hard-on akanishow niache kupretend and naidai. Had no choice but kutii. By the time tulimada chuo huyu dame alinishow both hell and heaven.

nice hekaya.
2nd part ikom
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Malizia story ya mandera

Relatable…pata like

malizia hekaya!!!

Nice hekaya

Malizia hekaya. Part 2 ije

meffi una ngoja stima ikam ndio umalizie hekaya

Wewe ndio ulienda mandera???

Pewa like kiyana

Too many confused sex stories in this forum.

Kwani ulikiwa unafanya med that ulikuwa unapatikana daro usiku?
Mimi hata library nilikanyagaa tu nikiendea clearance

Mimi nilikuwa na ten miss Tracies. Nilikuwa hata nawank na eleven type of gloves

Hekaya iko form lakini sijawai ona cuties in a Nigerian movie. na hii maneno ya assjob…saa ingine kuanga steven spielberg. Lie to us kidogo.

Hehehe library ilikuwa ziii

Malizia hekaya!!!

Wengine wetu tulienda shule kama chokoraa. Mimi siku ya kwanza niliulizwa na student (fresha mwenzangu) kama nafanya kazi hapo. Our school had employed these technicians to operate the public address system and projector.

Quite understandable, we had a girl who attended the first semester with her secondary school uniform, second semester was an equaliser, they discovered gikomba and discarded the dress suits from the fundis at their villages center for tight pants and blouses.

Uzuri wa ktalk ni comments,maliza hekaya ndio nisome.

yes sir