@Thirimaii shiet

Any crossdresser huwa nashuku 97% they are gay.

EricKo anahitaji mawhip kathaa

umafwi thread .

@KITOMBI KIZEE = bottom homosexual


The fellow will not last 5 minutes at Kamiti Prison before someone is up deep inside that skinny ass … :D:D:D


Wapi ule jail bird i think his name way katoni a confirm

It’s called FUCKING entertainment, and not adult. Kama you can’t get the joke or are offended, shut your mouth because nobody cares if you think someone is g@y if they found it funny. And I’m referring to you @uwesmake precisely here you oversized faggot.
Remember Big Momma’s House? Au hata Shaniqwa?

No need to wait for uwesmake’s reply. I know exactly what he will say.

Filthy homosexual tombwaaaaa. I have blocked you

Only he isn’t actually goin to block me. Nigga been on my d¡ck tangu day 1.

Yaani that’s what you concluded from that. Enyewe Kenya kumejaa wajinga