Crazy EX-Girlfriend

I have this crazy ex-girlfriend I broke up with a long time ago and she keeps texting and calling since we broke up. What the f*ck is wrong with women? I have already blocked her twice, she gets a new number and continues bugging me.[ATTACH=full]112409[/ATTACH]

Leta mbicha kwanza


Leta hekaya myamaa tukuchangie Kcr


Respect a woman’s feelings. Kwanza this period vile team mafisi ni plenty. Winner wa dem ni champion

Leta hekaya ya relationship yako na huyo "ex-girlfriend’ wako plus don’t forget ‘complications’… Then utapata usaidizi


What “complications” ?? Pole just understand her. One you’ve bedded someone it can be hard to get over those feelings even when both of you know there’s no future. Just give her time and keep blocking her. Do not talk to her, don’t reply texts, nothing… Eventually the message will sink in…I’ve been a crazy ex gf once it’s horrible.


leta namba if you want her to forget you

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It is a girl I dated almost two years ago. Girl couldn’t cook or clean as I footed all the bills, so I ended the parasitic relationship. Basically, she is the entitled type who couldn’t use her head to think of cleaning, cooking or washing my clothes as I worked my ass off to feed and house us. Can you imagine dame ako kwako na anasuggest we order food na nimetoka job? I couldn’t imagine living like that. Basically, she couldn’t make a wife as per my expectations.


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2 years and she still bugs me. I have tried everything including blocking her and she gets a new number to call me again. She keeps asking whether I love my current girlfriend. Women are complicated

One man’s meat is another man’s poison. If a man writes off a woman, that’s it. Hata akuwe Beyonce, the feeling just isn’t there anymore

Hapa ni the guy was laying way below his league. Hayo two tukiongoja hekaya.

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2 years??? That’s a bit much. Get yourself a new gf and make sure she knows about it. If that doesn’t work wah sijui…

Hekaya for another day. :slight_smile:

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I already have a girlfriend and we have dated for about one and a half years now. Serious relationship. It is her am worried about because she keeps asking whether I truly love my girlfriend

  1. Get yourself a new phone number.
  2. Consider moving to a new neighbourhood.

Next case…


Well, every time she asks whether you love your girlfriend, tell her without hesitation, ‘yes I love her very, very much.’ I hope you’re not getting a kick out of this because you’re prolonging this gal’s suffering. If you must talk to her give her 0% hope that there’s a chance of reconciliation…

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You got that girl dickmatized son. To get her off your back, you are going to learn how to be cruel to be kind.


Whatsapp has a blacklist. Ungem-blacklist instead ya kumjibu.

Hahaha…I told you wazimu ilikuwa mahali. Ndio hii sasa. I’m dealing with such at the moment for 5 years. Dame hajawahi wacha kunisumbua.

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