Kuna a certain young lass nilinyandua couple of years ago. She was a fyne ghel lakini nguo hufucha vitu mingi sana. Apart from petite boobs she had two extra nipples chini ya boobs. So i had 4 nipples to play with. Na Her pubic hairs looked like this mkia ya squirrel…


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Eeh, holiday iishe watu warudi job.

One had the left breast with a deformed nipple, the other had breasts that were releasing water when aroused and yet she had no lactating baby.

Eti 4 nipples? This is fiction. :smiley:

he he,nao wanawake wakiulizwa waseme walikutana na monoballer,uko kwa hao mutants

He he he.

I met a young petite university student who was an intern at our company, she was very shy around men, I decided to throw my bait and she chewed it. Fast forward, when I was with her in a hotel room she demanded I turn off the lights, which I did but again before I started eating the nyap I was curious and I turned on the lights. This young lady had almost all of her abdomen area burnt when she was young and the marks were very big. She told me her step mum burnt her with hot porridge accidentally when she was 5.
I didn’t care about the marks on her abdomen and breast area and proceeded with the game. She was super tight and that’s the best nyap ive ever eaten.

Ughassia thread

Wewe list yako is endless.

True story kaka

MLUHYA uko wapi nikununulie busaa ya Moi

Kwa nyumba Mwiki, nitume paybill, umeenda kusalamia wabukusu waKimilili huko Nyayo?

I heard there are chicks with two pussies? I’d like to meet one. Nikiboeaka Na moja nakula hiyo ingine

Sema tu ukweli hizo ni zile maraya za 50 Bob mnakulanga hapo River Road. Wacha maneno ya university student.

Niko hapa gate b Kwa local

I once fell in love with this sweet plump lady. She was shy when I first made my moves to get physically intimate. When I finally got to undress her, I discovered that she had a large scar on her left breast. I think someone must have knifed her at a point in her life.

Chifo Fanya kitu ya maana Leo by kurusha ya konyagi .