crash of the titans...gathuki vs hilary

What time will the debate start?..tonights debate will be better than last times’…am sure Trevor Noah will joke about it for the next 3 shows…

What time will it start???and pliz do not use that GMT crap

3 AM


GMT you add 3 hours to get local time. Is that so hard?

trump will lose Hillary will bring up that video about trump. that’s it!!! now u can sleep

what time will the debate started???

9:00 PM - 10:30 PM (ET) Hehe

i just record them…@knightrider ashasema


4 am to 7 am

You are confusing me.

Any other channel naeza view kwa digital platform? Don’t ask about my pay tv

Kuna live youtube stream. There are numerous news channels that have live online broadcasts such as al Jazeera.


Huyu jamaa mambo yake kwisha. Imebakia ajizike, hadi GOP hawamtaki tena…

Donald J. Trump and Hillary Clinton head to St. Louis on Sunday for a widely anticipated second debate that comes as extraordinary upheaval in the Republican Party has upended the presidential race just a month before the election.

Mr. Trump’s campaign reeled over the weekend after the Friday release of a video recording that showed him speaking in vulgar and demeaning terms about women and boasting of how because he was a celebrity he could grope and kiss them whenever he wanted. Despite tepid apologies, the revelation has led to a parade of denouncements from dozens of Republican leaders, including his running mate, Gov. Mike Pence of Indiana.

Mr. Trump continued to push back against calls from Republicans to quit the race, mocking them on Twitter and directing his loyalists to assail the party leaders as politicians guided only by self-interest.

[SIZE=6]clash of the titans*[/SIZE]

Lovin’ it!!

iko sahii MSNBC