crappy radio shows

Nowadays, radio is full of crap. You cant turn on radio and miss to hear gambling shows or shows where people answer questions and win crazy amounts of money mostly 20k - 50k.

Kwanza kuna hii ya radio jambo if am not wrong where they play the sound of something and ask you to identify it and if you get it right you win 20k. Thats the crappiest game I have ever listened to since they ask you a very simple question but the callers who are usually “dumb” as fuck. The callers are many and for 1 hour they all give the wrong answers. Finally a caller calls in and gives the correct answer. Insider secrets reveal that the game is just an inhouse production and no outside caller makes a call. I will reveal to you shortly.

There is some day I was listening and thats when it began. The presenter played a cow’s voice when it was moooing!

Presenter: (Plays a cow mooing voice). Huu ni mlio wa mnyama gani? (Repeats the cow mooing voice)
Caller 1: Habari yako
Presenter: Mzuri sana
Caller 1: Hii ni swali mboga kabisa. Hiyo elfu ishirini ni yangu.
Presenter: Haya tupe jibu tukupe iyo elfu ishirini.
Caller 1: Huo ni mlio wa paka.
Me: Wtf did this caller just say. Sauti ya ng’ombe ni ya paka. Tangu lini?

Caller 2: Vipi bwana (insert presenter’s name)
Presenter: Mzuri sana. Wajua huu ni mlio wa mnyama gani?
Caller 2: Ndo najua. Hiyo elfu ishirini mnngekuwa mmenitumia tayari.
Presenter: Tuambie huo ni mlio wa mnyama gani alafu pesa utaipata.
Caller 2: Huo ni mlio wa mbwa.
Me: Tf did I just hear? A dog barking really now?

Presenter: Naona watu wananoa sana. Wacha nirudie huo mlio tena. (Repeats the cow mooing voice again). Mmeskiza vizuri niambieni huo ni mlio wa mnyama gani? Kumbuka ya kuwa elfu ishirini ni zako ukipata jibu sahihi.
Caller 3: Hello, nataka kujibu iyo swali. Natumai ntajishindia hizo pesa.
Presenter: Sawa. Tuambie huo ni mlio wa mnyama gani.
Caller 3: Hii ni rahisi. Huyo si mlio wa mnyama. Ni mlio wa ndege.
Presenter: (Puzzled) Ndege!!! Haya tuambie huu ni mlio wa ndege gani.?
Caller 3: Huyo ni mlio wa jogoo wakati inawika.
Me: Fuck this shit. I just turned off the radio completely. Upuzi gani hii. Sauti ya ng’ombe itakuaje ya jogoo kama si bangi?

Insider secrets reveal that the callers are just fellow presenter in the studio. They pretend that they are calling from outside but in reality no calling happens. Distinguishing different voices in radio is difficult. They answer the questions wrongly and then answer it correctly when the show is almost ending . There is no payment that takes place just a show to convince you that people really win things on radio. They make money by giving out a number that is usually busy. You will call but no one is there to pick up ypur call. They end up deducting your credit. If they deduct 10bob from you, imagine how much theh would make from 4,000 bonobos. Also the sms sent. If you send the answer to the number given you find yourself subscribed to some shitty message services that keep on deducting your credit every second.

Kiss 100 nayo imeanza ufala ingine ati “Send 90bob to this paybill to win 100,000”. Fools and their money are quickly separated. Watu wamesota hii design yaani.

Kenya I tell you!

Kenyans will happily play those game shows.

What is radio?:confused:

Yah, only luhya watch men listen to that device nowadays

Kwani kinyos yako hua imenyamaza kama usiku wa manane? :oops:

Na ile Kanyakanya ya Inooro? My grandma used to play that game. Never won. Hapa village ndio niligundua kumbe ni scheme ya kutoanisha peasants. Then they make fake calls to fake winners. Peasants wakisikia hivo wanaongeza gear to playing more frequently as ati it increases your chance of winning

shida ya kuishi na mathe alikuambia kama hutaki kuskia hii enda kwako?

I will not be surprised if an outsider anapata line iko busy kama ile customer care ya safaricom.

The last time I stopped listening to radio ni nikiwa high school. Siku izi niko Spotify for all my musical needs… oh I forgot it’s the dumb ass @tall mnyama everywhere . Anaishi kwa mamake na bado anaskiza radio

You are a retarded fool if the number of kikuyu radio stations is anything to go by. Infact you’re a nincompoop stereotypical saitan

Never heard of it

Hapana mkubwa,nimewekea watu dedicated teffee ya greatwall
kwa kila steshen with casting capabilities so ukiingia unaweza weka content yako,watu ya nyews wananyolewa kwingine:D:D

Did I touch your raw nerve?. Ni sawa tu, don’t be ashamed of your watch man job.

Yes and I’m also the biological father of your kids as you drown in muratina pale bypass na mpango wa kando.
Respect me, I maintain your security and keep your house in order ensuring everyone is satisfied on your absence.

Kenyans are gullible and easily conned. Dumb helpless bonobos