Crap buses

Nimeona watu wamelia sana vile bus zinatengenezwa na materials mbaya. I dont think the world has run out of good quality steel and aluminum. I also dont think the steel used for civil works is the one that should be used in place of steel intended to take impact.
On the bus that killed almost everyone on board today I have this to say. Even though materials are poor, I cannot even see where the roof was attached to the lower body. where are the pillars? if the buses have seat belts on the seat, is the seat up to standard? Can the seat hold onto the bus frame(shit test for any automobile seat) is the seat strong enough to secure the belt? On your regular German or Japanese car, despite the quality of the seat, do you see the seatbelt attached to the seat? The seat belt is attached to the frame on both sides. And again, a seat belt is effective when it is a three point or at least holds the whole person back and not crushing your kidneys. how How long is the space between the seats and how soft is the seat in front of every passenger?
Again look at the pillars of a regular car. is there any rivet joints? no? the pillar runs from frame to the roof. in fact, cars with a defective pillars are usually written off unless the pillar can be replaced as per the manufacturers welding instructions. Do people at motor vehicle inspection see this? do they give buses tilt and moose tests? are the lorry frames good enough for buses? and by the way 15 years ago buses were very large I dont know why they became small yet they hold the same number of people. And funny enough only kenyan buses grew small. Should the body MANUFACTURERS BE SUED?

and there in lies your answer before tujibu one by one


For the bus bodies made locally, I’m sure safety is the last thing they ever consider.


yes yes yes
swali zingine zote ni no

They should be responsible for these problems. even other vehicle manufacturers carry their burden whether inspection was passed or not.

In my opinion, the amount of naked/blunt metal in a normal PSV is too much.

Look at your personal car. How many jagged edges of metal can you touch? How many points of uncovered/uncushioned metal? Now come see your kawaida matatu. It’s nightmarish.