What happened to Craigslist? I used to post looking for hookup and get tens of replies. Nowadays your post gets flagged and removed. Anybody have any luck?

the owners of the site no longer entertain that shit

Why are you going back in time? Craigslist is ancient.

Tagged, Tinder, Instagram etc drove CL out of hookup business

While ktalk took over from wanderis klost

Wanderi alidedi na mapassword zote.

There was a US federal law that exposed them to lawsuits by the DOJ and victims of sexual violence. Basically, if sex trafficking was conducted through Craigslist, the website would also be treated as a criminal party and not just a third party platform. They decided it wasn’t worth the trouble and shut down that section.

It was a stupid move because it created several new “avenues” for illegal sexual activity that the US government couldn’t monitor, including the dark web.

You are ancient living in ancient days in 5G generation

Lakini ilikuwa a very good option back in the day. Unaweka to post with your location then the replies start flooding in. Nilikula kadhaa huko