Craigslist Personals Down

hehe try f*ckbook

there was nothing serious on that site…full of wannabees and muzungu fake accounts…
people are now revisiting those post replies in their emails to try and catch up with an aborted date

That’s stupid. Rather than having sex with so many people, why don’t these women get a sugar daddy instead if they want cash. Sugar daddy no sex relationships exist too although rare.

Thanks all

I always knew you were a hoe.

And you are…?
I’m actually a virgin but believe what you want :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Delicious shiko is back. Kimmy akujie mfupa

:D:D:D I am nobody really. Just wondering if your sphincter is a virgin as well.

Ok nobody, I went from a hoe to a man eh? Keep up the mental gymnastics. :smiley:


@Lamba lolo polepole, tinder follows you wherever you go hooking you up with the nearest kunguru.

Thanks bro kunywa bill yangu. We Yuma till number

Sigh! I thought we would be banter partners bht I can see you are a bit slow :D:D. Let me give you a clue. Why do somali chiqs love anal?.. Yep!

ooh great Oracle kill the mbuzi
since you deserted the village
no eyedrops in sight
our eyes are full of dust
clean our eyes we beseech

I wasn’t aware of the word. Bitch pls, that’s a damn lie if i’ve seen one. If you’re talking personal experience then there’s hoes in every ethnicity. Which also makes you straight up gay for performing it. :D:D If we’re talking hoes why don’t we talk about the nairobi women you all love to talk about on here?

“Craigslist had turned most kenyan ladies to prostitutes.”



A virgin whose clam was sewed shut with acacia thorns?

Sliced with a razor, sewn up with thorns, Somali woman’s agony | Nation

Excuse you. I was born in the west, no fgm here…
Maybe they should introduce the practise in your country? It’d put a stop to the hoes running amok you for sure.

From the horse’s mouth:
[SIZE=7]‘Craigslist has turned most kenyan ladies to prostitutes’[/SIZE]

@screwplus na kuonea 18 na hizi gif zako.