Craigslist Personals Down

For the people who frequent craigslist. Today morning you woke up to a rude shock. The craigslist personals section has been removed completely. In my opinion, that comes as a good thing. Craigslist had turned most kenyan ladies to prostitutes. But spearheaded by some thirsty people out there a better hookup site will emerge.

why do you sound like it is a national disASTER? It is just one market closed, isn’t it?

Enda,Sabina joy or Rico pub

In fact craigslist commands a very small segment of the whoring market in Kenya. Kenya is not like Canada or the U.S. where Backpage & Craigslist rule the whoring market.

Who knows alternative sites to help a brother?

Siku hizi wako hadi kwa zile hoteli za nguvu wana masquerade kama wateja next to the swimming pool drinking a soda or beer for 3 hours while dressed in a suggestive way and they are always laughing or ready to take a man’s vibe

When one market closes, another opens

Government should just legalise prostitution like akina Netherlands. Craigslist was a great place dor them to get customers. Any Web Dev around tushikane tuunde alternative?

WAKENYA ni wakenya. Just like many of you usually post everything under the sex and relationship sections, makunguru zitaenda tu other categories.


What about wale waiters wa Lazarus pale CBD? wananikalianga mapoko

Hatuendangi huko, weka evidence.

Has always been like this.

“…CL has turned MOST Kenyan ladies into prostitutes…” Sorry but I find that statement very ignorant. CL was not as widely known as you want it to look like and I kid you not, compared to the prostitution that is happening on Tagged/Hi5, Tinder and the like, Craigslists was/is child play. I used to frequently view the posts on CL and from my assessment the people posting there were just a bunch of not so many people…they just used to frequent there often, or post regularly but they were the same people over and over. On Tagged the situation is different. Thousands of girls signed up there and most of them ready to give you pussy in exchange of cash. Lol I chat there frequently and I have over 100 numbers of different girls in the inbox, all who gave me the number after I teased them that I want a hook up for sex. The correct statement should have been “…THE INTERNET HAS TURNED MOST KENYANS (both men and women) INTO PROSTITUTES.” Coz even on Instagram, whatsapp groups, facebook etc…people are just hooking up for casual sex for cash.

LOOOOL this is so funny. Ain’t nothing stopping them!

True. It had just a bunch of guys posting over and over…It was just the same people. I would be surprised if the ladies who used to post there were more than 50.

Another page is already up and running will post the link if its allowed here

Which is??

You are very right… These were the same people over and over agin. CL was small

The biggest hookup site for casual sex and sex for cash in Kenya today is Facebook period.

Try tagged, tinder and badoo