Craigslist Kenya

So tofauti yake na wewe ni gain?

I saw it.


Imagine the irony if you actually dated or wifed someone like that and you did not know.

Playing hard to get toyfully. . . .what does that even mean? I am with you 100% on being straight forward. No need to waste time.

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That is how we feel everyday having to look at acres of ass and breasts right here.


So would you date someone from such a site considering there are normal folk in there?

Hard to get:Nilifikiri ni ya watoto wa primo to university where the boy/man does all the effort.

Easy: I will take it as deperation nitakaa mbali naye.

Meeting:It doesn’t matter anywhere is OK.

I wouldnt, i prefer the old school way- meeting up kwa bararabara, bar, kanisa or even a mat, but it sure is a way of hooking up


There is a lady whom i wanted to assist at Craigslist who did had a place to stay, during the process i realized she was a con…lol am lucky she only conned me 500 only…i didnt bothered to take the matter to serious.

Kwani ulikuwa unacheki posts za wanaume, ulikuwa unatafuta mjama na haukuona ‘nyaunyo’ unayopenda.

So which is the ideal situation taking into consideration that truth is hardly ever told by both sexes?

let hekaya nv

Ile kitu ya Craigslist sijawahi kuelewa ni kwa nini k*ma za huko zinauzwa bei ghali. The average price for pu**y is 5k kuendelea for one shot. They sure as hell aint targetting niggas like me. Mimi nikikulipa 5k nakukamua wikendi mzima. Sipendangi ujinga.


Beat me to it. CL is a favorite for mzungus here for short stay that want to romp and chomp some local punany. And the ads there are indicative of that. Utasikia Oh, I’m a token girl, etc. All other sexual deviants are hosted there e.g. swingers, crossdressers, etc. If I get you from CL, wewe jua tu ni wham, bam, thankyou ma’am.


Hekaya iletwe

Ice Pubes, You slept with her and her sister on the same night? this requires a thread of its own with elaborate pics and graphic explanations. Na si priss woiye!


Someone wrote about Kilimani moms and the discussion they had about craigslist but the reply malaysiad. Come back here and define who is a whore. What is the whore threshold?

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Which normal people?
Even the most straightforward women nowadays expect some financial reward after sexing.
Where the ferk did you lose the way as women?
It gives men the moral authority to ferk and dump.

A Whore is a woman who has the sexual morals of a MAN.
Now where is my reward cookie.


I don’t care what anyone says. Looking for dates online are a sign of desperation mostly brought on by self esteem issue and/or one being unapproachable in the real world.
Normal people will always attract each other from the realms of social and work lives.
The internet is for the weirdos who lack confidence and generally have issues anyways.

@MaryJane , there is no right or wrong time to have the first shag. Just follow your heart and be honest to yourself.
The only quality I find attractive in women these days is Honesty and genuineness!

Whether a relationship works out or not is in my opinion Nothing to do with what happened in the first few months.
Relationshipswork because you are compatible. Sex is just a bonus when you are with the right person.