Craigslist Desperad-hoez



Osungu.DLL everywhere

the real tragedy here is the number of tabs you have open on your browser.

And the fact that he’s using craigslist’s risky section bila private browsing

Huyo singo matha to be bado ana guts za kumake demands …looool …women & entitlement

I’ll seek your indulgence on the number of tabs the average person is supposed to open on their computer.

That second one is twisted, ati she doesn’t want someone with a kitambi yet she’s chubby herself and pregnant.

She is just too dumb.

Who in their right minds takes his car, fuels it then goes to carry a fat pregnant bimbo to two rivers then buy it ice-cream :D:D:D

Alafu bado akuambie ana nyesha



[SIZE=5]This one must be @Phylgee, @GeorginaMakena or @pseudonym [/SIZE]


Issa trap:D:D:D. She wants you to seed her so that she can enjoy your salary in child support. I know of bitches who survive in Nairobi entirely on this. Boychild stay woke

Akothee ni wengi

Pot calling kettle black.

Have you ever wondered why suicide rates are so high among men? Entitlement. Once they get to the real world where you must actually earn things they can t stand it. Women inspite of all their shortfall s handle disappointment that would easily combust a man unbelievably well.

I beg to differ. Depression is a treatable mental illness which causes suicide not entitlement. You’re making far-fetched comparisons.

Why are there more suicides among males then?

:D:D:D,noma sana.

Aggressiveness/ Testosterone in males