cracked windscreen.

Hajui kuongea na polisi. Plead guilty and act remorseful. Explain vile hiyo screen ilicrak tu ukiwa unadrive few minutes before you were flagged . Ambia magistrate wewe ndio sole bread winner to 4 babymommas.


Went to court was charged for the windshield and lack of fire extinguisher which I had. I pleaded guilty for the crack slaped with a 10k fine, not guilty on the extinguisher, released on a 10 k ksh bail. I went back to the station and had a chat with the traffic commander. He was Sorry, and we made a deal that he would withdraw the case.

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In other words, you’ve lost 10K and lots of time. Pole sana.

Na hapa ni nyinyi mnasema angepeana bribe…but since amekataa kupeana bribe…ni mtu mjinga sana. Na tunasema govt is corrupt :confused::confused::confused:


Am facing the same problem since noon ,