cracked windscreen.

Am writing this inside a police cell in Matunda I was arrested in 4:30 this morning because of a cracked windscreen and refused to pat with a thousand Bob.
Is this legal talkers?. am on my way to court now.

As per traffic laws it’s illegal to drive with a cracked windscreen.

Police are law enforcers and being ignorant of law is your personal challenge. Just Google about traffic laws and educate yourself since you sound like the cop is punishing you wrongly for not parting with a bribe.

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meffi wewe

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That is a minor traffic offense so how did you talk yourself into a cell? Anyway next time tembea na abstract.


Unafaa kuwa na abstract my fren .But its just a thousand bob sasa upigwe fine ya elfu tano…Hio ni pesa unafaa kuwa nayo ya emergency .


Abstract ya kusema?

Kioo ilipotea?


Hio lazima ungojee 24 hours kama missing person.

The abstract indicates that the windscreen is cracked and more importantly it gives you peace of mind with those traffic fellows.

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Heli ungewapatia tu hiyo 1k. You will be prosecuted section 55(1) of the traffic act punishable by section 58(1) of the Act which reads:

“No vehicle shall be used on a road unless such vehicle and all parts and equipment thereof, including lights and tyres, comply with the requirements of this Act, and such parts and equipment shall at all times be maintained in such a condition that the driving of the vehicle is not likely to be a danger to other users of the road or to persons travelling on the vehicle.”

Maximum is 400k fine or two years in prison or both

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Wacha ujuaji mingi. A cracked screen is a minor offense.


Nowadays no traffic offence is minor… Minor offenses were left for drunkards and disorderly :D:D:D

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Naona leo umekua highcourt judge.

I was once flagged down for the same cracked windscreen on my jalopy, i admitted to the cop that indeed its unlawful but sina pesa ya ku replace,i later on accompanied the cop to kilimani police where aliniandikia abstract indicating that im waiting for insurance to settle my windshield n let me go without a single dime asked, saa zingine ujeuri na know it all haisaidii,…


It has expiry period.

Mine is currently cracked. I have an abstract and insurance is going to pay for it.

This is a very minor offence. How you ended up in cell is a mystery. When you’re out, go see the DTO and make a complaint.

I did that once for a very minor offence. I ended up making a friend.


That doesn’t give us the reason he was locked up.

Having an abstract doesn’t get you of the hook

Even assuming that is the case here, the offense is bailable.

Huyu labda ako jela saa hii

The cops are back on the roads with a vengeance. Just seen a fella flagged down na akaitishwa license for driving a Voxy with 2 mattresses tied on top.Huyo kitambo afike kwenye anaenda ataona siku mrefu.