Cracked rim repairs

Is there a place I can get the alloy rim for my toyora passo repaired. I hit kitu ka mawe kwa rough road fulani and the rim has got a crack and air is leaking out. Nmechoka kupitia petrol station kila mara kutop up.

Ask you local welder, most welding machines nowadays can weld alloys using a special rod, If it’s a small crack have it sealed with epoxy steel… costs 200 bob.


hehe unatumia ile rim ya china?

BTW,i was watching a clip here about genuine vs fake alloy rims by Mercedes Benz Australia.genuine ones don’t crack

What’s the structural integrity of a “knock off Chinese cracked rim”?

Just buy a genuine rim and stop risking your life (cheap is expensive)

True. Nime bend rim zangu Tatu so far and none has cracked.
Fixing mine cost about 700per rim

If it has a crack it belongs to the scrap metal closed.

Why do you have such low regard for your life and others close to you?
Buy a new rim kanono.

Genuine rims don’t bend, they crack… The challenge comes in finding a similar rim as most cars come with (OEM)… Fakes are the ones you buy kirinyaga road coz they are fake and imitations… I would be better off repairing my original toyota rim than replacing it with a fake/imitation

So which is which??

From experience OEM rims don’t bend… I hit a ditch hard once and come out with a cracked spoke… I don’t think Toyota would bet their reputation on anything but OEM…

Genuine rim bends.

A Kush Deh, do you and Missis Finest Wine fit in a passo?

The rims are not made in china. They are OEM that came with the passo. So @Mathice leta ushauri uwache u.cucu.lite mingi

Tena vipoa sana

Punguza weight uwache kusingizia mawe.

Carry capacity ya passo is 630kg.
Wewe dereba uko 189kg…

Alafu pumzi inaweka 27psi


Muwacha umama majamaa, where can I repair the rim

Gathee uliwacha aje kawasaki? @junkie aliniinbox akiomba usaidizi

kuja na gari sio kusema zilikuja na gari. Niko na kapaso ka job na kaklikuja na chinese rims zilivunjika vile nilipatiana gari.hiyp kakotu inaonanga mambo mingi. Agabaalaaa nddooooooooo