Cow therapy

Sisi wakulima mashinani tuko na shinda na tunataka serikali itusaindie.
On Tuesday, while Atwoli and Co were barking lying to the poor workers at Uhuru park my cow was on heat.

Tried to contact the local vet for AI services but the fucker was nowhere on the digital spectrum, guess he was getting laid or drinking. Sasa I decided to take the cow to be “given seed” by the neighbor’s pure breed Friesian bull. Big mistake.

That beast was huge with the biggest pair of testicles I have ever seen on any living creature. Also me think ilikua na dry spell cause venye iliraukia ng’ombe yangu I felt pain. After the third climbing my poor cow was panting and foaming in the mouth.

Now I have a problem, though my cow is feeding OK when it jikunjas to defacate or pass urine,it remains in that position for up to like 2 mnts after finishing b4 it straightens itself. Also while at it, it has this distant lost look in its eyes like it is searching for its soul. A look of total despair.

Kwani iliabukizwa ugonjwa ya zinaa ama it is feeling violated? What therapy can I afford my poor cow or are there cattle whisperers in this village who can come and assure it everything will be ok.?

Naogopa iniume and I hear a cow’s bite never heals. Naomba usaindizi and you assholes who are itching kuanza matusi mkae kando.

:D:D:D:D:D:D si I thought hiyo ni kawaida ya ng’ombe.Ilikunjwo proper

feekin, a cow remains in that position even upto 5min when urinating’ feekin mkulima bonoko

rudisha kwa ndume ifikishiwe

Which part of "after finishing "didn’t you get you moron

You stare at a cow’s vagina for over 2 minutes while it urinates after spending your day watching it get ferked ? You have a problem. A real problem.

Na uongee Kiswahili Kanguthu!!kwani ni wewe ulipandiliwa ukasahau kuongea kiswahili umeanza kutumia kisapere??wewe tafuta huyo AI akuje akufikishie threshold utulie kama hio ngombe yako

21 days hazija isha. That cow is just fine.

Wariahe, tusikazoeane.

Sasa unanitukania nini? You hurt my feelings but its OK.

Get yourself to a therapist Mbwa ama huyu ni wewe tayari :D:D

@kanguthu uko na ungombe mingi sana. We are in 21st century na hii mambo ya ngombe kupandana wachia wamaasai .If at all you want pure breed, wacha hayo maneno…

Jinga somali ngombe pana ngamia

Jinga somali ngombe pana ngamia

Ama angengoja 21 days daktari/ AI technicians wakae wakijua.

if the bull was big and huge as you purport and your cow is average ,possibility is that after mounting,…your cow may have had back/spine injury due to the bull’s weight! happens and one ejaculation is enough from a bull ,three mountings ni kuitesa.

HUmbwer wewe, not everyone can be a cyber security xpat kama wewe, hiyo ng’ombe kuzaa ina guarantee fees ya shule next year.
Kaino type

Ni kuririkana ‘handu hau’.

Everywhere Somali this Somali that yaani lazima utaje everywhere. Is it my fault Somalis intimidate you pussy ass nigga?

Please talk to your cow… It needs therapy