COVID19 was planned to introduce one world government

Ghaseer. Hatuwes click.

can china , usa and russia exist under one govt ? …no…

Thats why I also find it diffuclt to believe this one world govt idea unless something of global significance that changes how world operates does happen, I don’t see one world govt happening

Yes, it was planned to slow down globalization which seemed to be working against the world rulers.

Corona is just a scam

How about SARS , EBOLA & H.I.V AIDS…


If it was planned then its only to reduce the population…and it makes sense.

And since it hasn’t worked effectively, vaccines for Africans should contain a birth control dose wanapewa bila kujua. Otherwise vile tunazaana huku, we are only creating more poverty

Sasa basi. Mi nitakunywa muarubaini hadi damu ibadilike rangi. I am not taking that sheet

But honestly there is need for serious population control. If you look at most of populated nations, there’s always conflict and high levels of poverty. You can check at those data. And within the next 20 yrs, tutakuwa hapo. Anyone beyond 30 shldnt be allowed to procreate again. And anyone below that shld have a max of 1 kid.

Boss kumbe umeamka sasa, anyway know who owns and rule this world

The process of change is called “globalization. This means the erosion of national boundaries and the reduced significance of national governments.
Globalization bring people together through trade, finance etc etc…
Hio haitasaidia new world order??
wacha kufikiria kimandazi mandazi