Covid19, the curve about to hit us badly.

Been taking notes on Indias situation, hii kitu itamalisa sisi,


Hii ujinga umepost ungengoja usiku uambie bibi yako after premature ejaculation

Kwani wewe ni pandre …ghaseer

I agree with you.

Positive cases in Kenya are based on very few tests. The projections for 1000 cases by first week of April were not wrong per se.

The good doctor expressed that the modelling was done on the assumption that mass testing would be going on. The number of projected tests was 300,000.

To put it into perspective, in March two Kenyans tested positive for COVID-19 in Rwanda. These are people who had travelled strictly from Kenya. This shows you the prevalence rate of the disease among our population. The reason we might be experiencing low mortality is as was mentioned; that most of our population is youthful.

COVID is not murderous. It has a very low mortality rate. Infact some populations may be asymptomatic. A case emerging in New York where people are testing positive for antibodies yet they experienced mild symptoms to none.

The challenge becomes protecting the 3% of population to whom COVID-19 is lethal. Sadly, the 3% are our treasured parents and grandparents.


Rather than shout obscenities, do some research. [SIZE=1]To mbwa, Tuliza kende. [/SIZE]

Poo poo

Ata na dawa I’m not getting tested… So that I can be taken against my will to a government facility at my own cost ambayo I can’t meet? Ghaseer chieth