Covid namalisa wakenya

21 dead yesterday 21dead today…

If we behave normally…

mmmh wanakufanga 21 on two days straight?

Son, do u know how normal distribution applies in real life? I guess u dont

Just in time to beg the IMF for another covid loan.

Pastoralist niaje.

Jibu swali jinga kumbaff

shit is going to hit the fan pretty soon


maragoli wewe ukipata covid unakufa

Everybody who dies is a covid cas

I am an Arab, born and bred


Kagwe hawezi ii pia

:smiley: ferking thiefs

Hata kama kuna “Covid fatigue” jameni…

Walking the streets nowadays, people don’t give a shit about wearing masks. Very few are still wearing one properly.

No social distancing is being observed too, especially in PSVs.

The black man really has a problem with following protocols…

After fine ya 20k kutangazwa watu watavaa kwa lazma

The black man only follows protocols if there’s punishment for not doing so

Kovindi is a scam mbona time ya hiv AIDS pandemic hawakuwa wanasema wanaume wavae condom.

Negroe enforcin negroe is chaos…
low IQs will kill

after one week bonobo D- will kill more than covid

Let me emphasize to anyone who still thinks covid is a hoax .Please, please wear your mask. We have people in their 20s-30s over here on the ventilator dying from covid.

Utapreach hadi lini… we caught it na tukapona

Out of curiosity young man… what’s your reasoning on why one should ware mask?? Fear of death? Fear of pain—fuull death? Fear of covid virus(a sub microscopic organism that can penetrate semi-permiable membrane), fear of arrest, or just want to conform…why do you put that thing over your nose?
Only then can you see the holes in the stories you believe in son.

Ju niliitana son hata wewe unaitumia by force?

Haya basi, don …tumia don Sasa